Robust Multi Speed

Rotary Tillers

    • Robust Multi Speed gear box provides option of 4 different rotor rpm for different soil conditions and applications.
    • Side gear drive in oil bath.
    • Strong Frame assembly which helps the implement to work in different types of soil without any wear and tear.
    • Boron steel blades that last 50% more than Hi Carbon.
    • Helical arrangement of the blades puts less load on the tractor which makes tillage fast and economical.
  • Can loosen & aerate soil up to 7 inches deep
  • Available in L, C & J blade options for proper pulverization
  • Heavy duty PTO shaft with shear bolt / slip clutch (optional) for overload protection
  • Sealed bearings prevent moisture/mud entry
  • Heavy duty spring assembly in plank which ensures perfectly leveled and finished seedbed