The Garfield Drag Scrapers are great for touch up and limited land leveling. They work great for short haul projects, smoothing, and small jobs that do not justify the expense of an Ejection Scraper.

The Garfield Drag Scraper comes in 4 widths from 8’ to 14’. Whatever your scraping job, we have a scraper to fit your needs.

Rippers (scarifiers) are available for all our standard drag scrapers. These are good for scarifying and loosening in advance of levelling and planing and with the ripper assembly being hydraulically operated you are able control the depth up to 6" from the bottom of the scraper with ease. The Garfield Drag Scraper can also be ordered with a tilt feature, allowing you to cut ditches, or crown roads.

The Garfield Drag Scraper is the Perfect tool for:

  • Road and driveway maintenance
  • Site prep
  • Pulling material out of buildings
  • Snow removal
  • Land leveling