Wide range of scrapers, for GDS and GHDS models the cutting edge is straight, GDST and GHDST models have the feature to work with a tilt angle cutting knife ("Tilt").

Reversible edge. From 8' to 14' cutting width. Clearance of 22".

With optional rippers to break and remove land easily.

For heavy duty work, GHDS models have a moldboard made in 3/8" plate by 36" of height and 48" deep.

When you have heavy-duty work, you need a heavy-duty scraper. The Garfield Heavy-Duty Drag Scraper is designed to move massive amounts of material, with high hp tractors. This scraper is built to handle the toughest conditions, with a 3/8” moldboard, reinforced tongue, and dual wheels, this machine will take the abuse. The large capacity box allows you to move a massive amount of material. The walking beam axle option allows a smoother finish at higher operating speeds. The Garfield Heavy-Duty Drag Scraper is available in 4 widths from 10’ to 16’. All widths are available with tilt, and walking beam axles.

The Garfield Heavy-Duty Drag Scraper is the perfect tool for:

  • Road maintenance
  • Site prep
  • Feedlots
  • Leveling large areas
  • Moving large amounts of material